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The 36th Annual Letelier-Moffitt Human Rights Awards Ceremony
October 17th, 2012

Domestic Award

City Life / Vida Urbana

International Award

The Chilean Students Movement (Confederación de Estudiantes Chilenos)

The ceremony will be at the Carnegie Institution (1530 P Street NW) this year.

Sheridan Circle memorial service 10-11am on September 23, 2012

About the Recipients

Domestic Awardee: City Life / Vida Urbana

This Boston-based bilingual community organization has fought for racial, social, and economic justice and gender equality for 28 years. In response to the devastating impact of the foreclosure crisis on communities in Boston, they launched the Post-Foreclosure Eviction Defense campaign to help keep people facing foreclosure in their homes. Victories won by hundreds of organized families are building public and political pressure, which in turn is driving legislative reform and sparking similar campaigns across the region.

International Awardee: The Chilean Students Movement (Confederación de Estudiantes Chilenos)

For over a year, the Chilean students movement has turned that country upside down, demanding the right to free universal education. They have rallied hundreds of thousands into the streets and breathed life into that democracy. Let us know if you'd like one of the leaders to visit your campus in the week after the awards ceremony.

Selection Committee

  • Fred Azcarate, AFL-CIO
  • Sarah Anderson, Institute for Policy Studies
  • Marie Dennis, Pax Christi
  • Karen Dolan, Institute for Policy Studies
  • Joe Eldridge, Chaplain, American University
  • Jill Gay, Activist
  • Adam Isacson, Washington Office on Latin America
  • Peter Kornbluh, National Security Archives
  • E. Ethelbert Miller, Howard University
  • Isabel Morel de Letelier
  • Joy Olson, Washington Office on Latin America
  • Katya Salazar, Due Process of Law Foundation
  • Sarahi Uribe, National Day Laborers Organizing Network
  • Rev. Dr. William L. Wipfler